How to get comments on your thread

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How to get comments on your thread

Postby Jojishi » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:04 pm

Are you posting animations and not receiving comments? If so, then there's some things you can do.

Give advice on other threads and ask for courtesy.
By doing this, you're offering them something valuable so they'll be more willing to return the favour. If you only asked for advice or didn't say anything, it's far less likely people will comment on your thread because they get nothing out of it.

Don't worry about whether or not you'll be able to give useful advice since anything is better than nothing. If your knowledge about movements is sketchy, there are plenty of things besides movements that you can give advice on, such as: backgrounds, effects, colours, story, action, etc.

Remember to ask for courtesy at the end of your comment.

Link to your thread in your signature.
Your signature appears at the bottom of each post you make, so linking to your thread here makes it easier for people to find your thread and they're more likely to comment.

To do this, go to your thread and copy the url of your thread (in the address bar at the top, which has "" at the start). Click on "User Control Panel". Next, click on the "Profile" tab. When you're there, click "Edit Signature".

Next, type this in the text box:
Code: Select all

Then paste the url you copied earlier. After that, type:
Code: Select all
]My thread[/url]

This will create a nice link that says "My thread" and it will take people to your thread when they click it.

Be more active in general.
Being active and integrating with the community ensures your signature is seen more and people will feel more comfortable around you. There are other sections besides animation on our site if you want to get more involved in our wonderful community. :)

Hopefully this helps you and everyone from TheDarkDemon wishes you the best on your Pivot journey!
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