Just a tiny "One vs All" combat teehee

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Just a tiny "One vs All" combat teehee

Postby todor05 » Tue Sep 12, 2017 3:24 am

So, uh here's something I made, I guess it's a good place to post, I am open for cnc and for you to tell me where I miserably fucked up

Yeah, uh I'm a starter, hope you guys tell me how to fix. :D

Fixed the link for you //Flam
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Re: Just a tiny "One vs All" combat teehee

Postby Spookage » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:01 am

easing's a big problem I can see already. if the guy moved that fast when doing a back kick, he would've broken his whole body, seriously. the reaction on the second kick would've made him crush his balls on his head, and the foot planting at the end is kinda off. when the dudes fall, their head and arm goes partly in the floor. oh yeah, and it's pretty stiff, ngl.
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Re: Just a tiny "One vs All" combat teehee

Postby orange joe » Fri Oct 13, 2017 12:15 pm

the problem is not easing. easing is barely important when next the how important POSES are. every pose needs to be clear, realistic and a little exaggerated, to make it extra clear to the audience what he's doing.

also make sure every action is anticipated properly. before your guy kicks, make sure the kick is prepared with an equally clear pose.

this is an ANTICIPATION pose. it prepares the kick because you can see he is coiled up, his knees bent, back curled and most importantly, his leg is brought right up to his chest before he kicks

this is the IMPACT pose. it is very exaggerated, he leans over so far with his back that he is actually upside-down a little. you'd never see a pose this exaggerated in real life, but thats not important. whats important is the contrast between the anticipation pose and the impact pose. in this pose, his back is straight and acting in counterweight to his kicking leg, so that he's balanced, his leg is fully outstretched and the other leg is now straight (which helps show he's using his whole body to get power for the kick)

hope this helps.


low framerate, keyframed kick animation. i made it to be like the kick at the beginning of your animation. it uses the exaggerated poses in context.
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