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Meet the Team

Postby Daniël » Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:22 am

Hello there, if you're new to DarkDemon you might be a bit confused with all these different members having different name colors. And even if you do, there might still be some confusion regarding what these people actually do.
Don't worry though, Daniël's looking out for you newcomers, that's why there's a little break-down on who these people are and what they do.

The Staff

The administrators or admins are on the top of all the staff. They are the ones that are capable of actually editing the code of the website together with the Web Developers.

The moderators or mods are the highest authority after the administrators. They're the ones that could ban you, so be nice to them. Besides that they will try to take care of small and large mostly community-based tasks regarding the forums.

Forum Helpers
The forum helpers or FH are sort of the smaller moderators. They're able to do small tasks like approving and locking threads, their purpose is basically trying to take all the little kinks out of the cable and making sure everything's going smoothly. If you need forum-related help with anything it might not be a bad idea to sent one of them a PM if they're online.

Rank Team
The rank team or RT is the group that focuses on helping the users out with their animations. They're some of the best people to give criticism on your animation and are hand-picked for their knowledge regarding the subject. They're also some of the best people to talk to if you want a reliable opinion regarding your rank. If you'd like some criticism on an animation or want to get ranked properly, don't hesitate to PM one of them.


This group consists of people who contributed a lot to DarkDemon in the past (or present) and have made themselves stand out well enough to deserve a place among the most honored members.

Retired Staff
These are members of the website that used to be part of the staff, but have retired their moderating days. Many of these members were staff on the old DarkDemon, which is why some of them have only a handful of posts.

V.I.P.'s are a non-staff group that purchased or received some nice extra perks some people might be fond of. They have a different name color, the ability to change their rank bar and they get access to an extra forum where only V.I.P.'s are allowed. Here you can find more information regarding obtaining V.I.P.

MyFiles is DarkDemon's uploading service, which can also be purchased or received. Every user gets up to 100MB of storage where they can not only upload a wide variety of image files, but also Pivot-related files, unlike a lot of other hosting sites. Here you can find more information regarding obtaining MyFiles.

If you have any more questions, you should now know who to ask.
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Re: Meet the Team

Postby Juke » Thu Jan 22, 2015 9:36 am

Admins can ban you too! :3
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