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PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:02 am
by Mage
Heyo. I'm Mage. Somewhat funny comedian, and has a godlike sense of humor. I also laugh like a drunken man when I'm tired, and I also laugh to the most unfunny things when I'm tired. Rather good combination, right?

I've been making animations since I was nine, and I started off in pivot, went to flash, and ended in pivot. I decided to come back after a long hiatus and contemplation of animation. It was mostly due to The Dark Demon, and their amazing and sometimes hilarious animations. Decided to join this community in attempt to learn how to get better at animations, and if not, then just to be a helpful piece. To be blunt, I'm here for new experiences.

I'm an on-off animator, along with me only animating due to short bursts of energy, or having great ideas. Should I change that? I dunno. It's really just based around me being a lazy twit, and having no real reason to do anything.

I'm also here to see my old friends Sifter, Flame, and Bimmer. True MVP's, got me really far in animation. Thanks, you guys! You probably don't remember me, but hopes up, if you do.
EDIT: Oh, yeah! I forgot to say. I make some really "cool" pictures in pivot, with "shading." 100% free, because I don't really have any use for money, right now. It'll always stay free, and besides, I'm not gonna be starting up anything for a REALLY long time. If I need to post this "thing" somewhere else, then sure.

This one was made for my closest friend Loops.

Lo and behold, this is probably the best one I have done since the postage of this forum. It's for my character, Joel. I dunno why I made this, I guess it was out of boredom.


And, the final one, was made for my school friend. He asked for it, and he recieved. That's about it, bye.

I'll add some more stuff here, if necessary. Have a good night, guys! (from 2:01 AM PST)

Re: Henlo.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 4:07 am
by Mike
Heyy buddy glad to see ya around.
Am flam if anything

Re: Henlo.

PostPosted: Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:14 am
by Mage
omgiggls hi flame teach pls