Helpful Links & Info For Newcomers

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Helpful Links & Info For Newcomers

Postby Lush » Fri May 09, 2014 11:01 am

Welcome to DarkDemon!

In this thread you will find links and descriptions to and of some informative threads and pages that will help you settle into the community and answer any questions you may have right off the bat.


Register and gain access to the Tutorial, Veteran and Elite section!

Those that haven't joined yet can get a feel for sharing animations with the community & gaining feedback through the Anonymous Section, just enter in the password located in the Anonymous subforum description and post your pivots.

Newly Registered User Group

This group has been implemented as a form of bot and spam prevention, our apologies for the inconveniences.
Until you reach 4 posts, you will be a part of this restrictive group.
Restrictions include but are not limited to:
  • Posts must be approved by Staff members
  • Inability to private message
  • No access to search function

Upon reaching 4 posts, all restrictions will be lifted and you will be free to post without approval.

Helpful Links

The Rules
Be sure to read the rules to avoid running into trouble with Staff and other users.

The Staff
The list of the current Staff, feel free to ask any one of them for assistance, advice or constructive criticism - they'd be happy to help.

User Control Panel
A panel in which your avatar, signature, board and user group settings can be implemented and adjusted.

Download Pivot
A collection of links to past and present versions of Pivot Stickfigure Animator.

Creating An Animation Thread
Tips and guidelines for starting and updating your very own animation thread.

Pivot Tutorials
Collection of tutorials to teach you the ropes of Pivot and help you improve.

Pivot Animation Archives
Download links to pivot files of many great animations from memorable DarkDemon members, enjoyable to watch and useful for learning.

MyFiles & MyFiles+
TheDarkDemon offers file hosting. Find out more information about it here.

VIP & Donations
Want to gain extra perks and help out the site?
  • Access to exclusive VIP forum
  • Custom rank bar & rank title
  • Purple name
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