The ninja warrior challenge

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The ninja warrior challenge

Postby thebiscotticakeman » Mon Apr 21, 2014 10:36 pm

Hey hello this is spiralknighter or in other cases thebiscotticakeman and this is something about for what ive been thinking for the past 30 days 5 hours and 6 seconds


i have to remind you this has not been started because im still looking for 2 staff members to moderate this or 2 willing vip members

ok now thats over you are able to make a character no special abilities i remind you this is based off the ninja warrior tv show at japan idk if they still air that but this is also based of the american ninja warrior so yeah


- you are only allowed to make one character for the whole entire organization

- you must send your entry in a folder to me or the 2 staff members or 2 vip members but its only gif and a video of you making the animation

- the maximmum entries are 50 but theres a catch there must be atleast 15 fail entries to keep this competition going

- there is a time limit atleast 50 minutes and a minumum of 50 frames and a limit of 500 frames

-all characters must have a valid reason that their entering the competition and all characters must be posted in this thread you are welcome to post your characters .stks here but must be in pivot 2 for stykz users

- btw fastest time and best animation goes to next round so atleast 2 staff or 2 vip will be able to skype me for the judging

none so far

be noted there are none so far but you are allowed to make a course of your own to me and i will gladly put them up front the page here but you must put atleast the course on a folder and the stks for it to be atleast pivot 2 and best 3 will be put up the first page but each one must be ranked atleast on these,qualifying,main course, and the final challenge

on a special note i havent thought of the prizes yet so be noted of that but i will be able atleast be thinking of a prize at the end of the competition

P.S this competition can be repeatable if i revive it and reset the place and you must use your character from last competition for the next competition as well

oh wait i forgot to post something whoever makes a good entry but took a long time to make it will be placed in elimination chair so that it could be only 30 entries that make it to the 2nd round and 15 to the final round
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