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Postby DON » Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:09 pm

i'm now 20.. fuck i'm old.. lol anyways.. back then i was probably 14 or 12 not sure. but i started pivot around 2008 near the year end.. so i guess it's safer to say 2009.. anyways.. when DD was a thing.. i joined but as a kid i got intimidated and i know i have a long way to go.. so i did animation by myself.. only to know i didn't really learn that much after 4 years of hiatus on 2011-2014.. lol back on 2012 i also joined WTFteam.. i posted few packs back then.. like DBAF and Onepiece pack.. and nothing else.. lol i remember few legends like Bert, Bert.. and Bert.. jk..
MrGrapeSoda, Tiger, Cressel, Joji, Roji, De8struction, Ellpollano, Jon, Lithium, Memphis.. there are alot to name.. i feel ashamed i can't remember all of them.. :V but i was just looking i didn't really posted that alot..
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