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Re: DD Memories

PostPosted: Mon Aug 21, 2017 12:09 pm
by DON
i'm now 20.. fuck i'm old.. lol anyways.. back then i was probably 14 or 12 not sure. but i started pivot around 2008 near the year end.. so i guess it's safer to say 2009.. anyways.. when DD was a thing.. i joined but as a kid i got intimidated and i know i have a long way to go.. so i did animation by myself.. only to know i didn't really learn that much after 4 years of hiatus on 2011-2014.. lol back on 2012 i also joined WTFteam.. i posted few packs back then.. like DBAF and Onepiece pack.. and nothing else.. lol i remember few legends like Bert, Bert.. and Bert.. jk..
MrGrapeSoda, Tiger, Cressel, Joji, Roji, De8struction, Ellpollano, Jon, Lithium, Memphis.. there are alot to name.. i feel ashamed i can't remember all of them.. :V but i was just looking i didn't really posted that alot..

Re: DD Memories

PostPosted: Sun Mar 04, 2018 1:02 pm
by PivAd
Sorry to bump this thread up -- I can't help myself from getting nostalgic over things.

Man, I remember this community being so alive back then, reaching the more than ~200 accounts online in one day (as far as I remember?). There were always new posts in beginners, intermediate, and veterans, and occasionally, the godly elites. I remembered the long purgatory-like period when Adam left, and we had a new administrator who basically killed the original site. Darkdemon theme based collabs were a thing back then, b0x0rs, bloody, or whatever dumb shit people thought of. And every year, there was always this awaited DDC, which now has reached up to 13, damnn. The giant tutorials made by other people, the giant stick packs, the massive .piv collections. Wetting yourselves seeing Bert and Jon post. The rivalry with

Jesus, there's a lot of things to go nostalgic about. I really missed this community. I still find myself visiting or thinking about it from time to time. Can't believe all of these happened a decade ago.

edit: and oh man the debate area and vip chat

Re: DD Memories

PostPosted: Thu Apr 05, 2018 12:34 pm
by DostPs
I started animating in 2011 (I think, i was 9 at the time) now I'm 16 and i havent made any animation since like october, I remember watching the pivot 4 montage and getting hyped and then making short animations, never made a big project and have always been a beginner since I never really tried to improve in pivot, I was in DD since 2012-13 and loved watching the veterans and elites animations and dreaming of becoming as good as them one day, but then last year I got bored of pivot and didn't really want to improve because pivot is dying, the other day I was watching some pivot videos in youtube and saw one of my favorites it was published 5 years ago and the nostalgia hit me, I remember when TDD came out and I was super excited, I also chatted with some good animators like nanixon and blademaster on skype and they helped me improve a bit (even though I was really immature and obnoxious at the time so nanixon got angry with me, if you're reading this I'm sorry man) anyways that's my story.