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OFF is quite an interesting RPG. Originally made by mortis ghost with the software RPG MAKER 2003, it has a profound plot and is wierd in all the good ways. (seriously, the screenshot shown up here doesn't merely scratch the surface of its depth)
As a classic RPG, it features : exploring zones, talking to NPCs, battling against bad guys, and solving puzzles.

You start the story as the batter, and you have for objective the purification of the several zones that exist in the world. In your progression, you'll encounter a few but persistent characters, like a cat, and a masked merchant.
The original version (FR) has been released in 2008, then an (almost) accurate translation has been made for the english fellows.

But if you don't wan't to play, but still want to know what it really looks like ,you can watch some playthrough.
Video : One of the most popular LP's on it, 700k views within 2 months.
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The point of this thread is to discuss and theorise around the plot, and maybe share your artworks/animations dedicated to this strange world.

Bonus : prejudices & stupid puns about OFF in 1 minute
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