Gawker fucking sucks and you should stop reading it

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Gawker fucking sucks and you should stop reading it

Postby Yadda » Fri Feb 20, 2015 4:42 pm

Hello, as you all may know I'm an ambassador for all things shit and/or stupid so I thought I might as well write a PSA on the latest threat to our generation, Gawker. Gawker aka Kotaku aka Gizmodo aka Jezebel are all cancerous helms of clickbait articles and leftist lynch mob collective that have taken the internet by storm.

In case you haven't had any exposure to this site you have every right to leave this thread with a clean conscience.

Otherwise, feel free to look at these NOT SAFE FOR LIFE LINKS of horrible articles made by horrible people. ... 1687016609 ... 1686378021 ... 6/+maxread ... 1685893097 ... 1494110450

I'm fucking done im fuc
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