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Logo Request

Postby Raymond » Sun Jun 08, 2014 2:33 pm

Hey guys and girls. I have a friend from work who is really good with computers and decided to start his own little business where he repairs them for people locally. He's created a website already, but he does not have a good logo. In fact all he did was take an image off google that seemed to relate to computer repairs. He's not very artistically talented. I guess you could say I'm more talented then he is. I told him that I would either make one myself or see if anyone on TDD would be interested in helping him out. I don't think he's willing to pay. I was planning on doing this for free because I'm a nice guy, but I'm also not that artistically talented. At least as talented as some of you. I made like 2 mock designs for him and I realized that some of you could probably make something much better.

You can view his site here. If you click on "Click here for our support center", you can see his logo at the top left corner. He literally just pulled it off google. He said he doesn't want his name in the logo at all, just images to represent computer repair. So I was wondering if any of you were interested in helping me help a friend. I would completely understand if none of you end up offering. It's for someone you don't even know. I just figured it was worth asking since this site is all about Art and Animation. I would make sure to let him know that you did create it and not me. Maybe he'd end up compensating you depending on how it looks, but I wouldn't make any promises because I originally told him I would do this for free. Anyways if any of you could help, I would really appreciate it and I'm sure he would too. :)

Oh, also dimensions don't really matter since we can shrink it down ourselves, but preferably something about the size of his current logo. It also doesn't have to be anything extremely professional, just something he can use in replace of the one he took from google.
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Re: Logo Request

Postby Saintorin » Mon Jun 16, 2014 10:42 am

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Re: Logo Request

Postby Skype » Mon Jun 16, 2014 1:45 pm

Tell him to definitely, absolutely, on no terms use SWF embedding ever again on the web.
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