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Postby DON » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:08 am

Quick Explanation:
Most of these are rip-off? i think but ideas that i have that i had no idea that already existed.
Some of these are from stories that i made up myself that i'd like to use but i didn't really run through and get in to it more than i should..

Something about Accident > Robot-Humanoid
1. You lost 1 or 2 limb replaced with mechanical/robot limbs with weapon of your choice or enhancements.
2. You lost the ability to move your whole body, Then you're in your bed, but controlling a robot that looks like you outside the world, and you can literally do any super human feat.
3. You're almost dead, but they saved you just by your lungs heart and brain, everything else is mechanical and robot.
4. You're dead, but there is an artificial intelligent that your memories where planted to and it is a robot that acts like you (Literally your robot reincarnation)
5. You're long dead, but somehow you're alive in the internet your consciousness is implanted in the internet and you can do whatever you want in it.
6. You lost the ability to move your whole body, but they put nanotechnology in your body so you can move your body again, can heal faster, doesn't feel any pain and all superhuman feat. (much like number 2 but you're no longer in bed)
7. You lost your ability to make new memory, so they had to put a chip implant in your brain on which you can remember everything from the implant until your death and you can retrace it, and replay it.
8. You lost the ability to see, but you they put something in your eye socket that let you see yourself in 3rd person in any direction. X-ray vision and all that..
9. Your brain is replaced by a computer,A.i. (Simple you can remember all stuff easily, No emotions, You can Think faster[==though technology today has not streched this far let's just say this is possible])
10. You lost your heart but was replaced by an engine, or a motor like which then in every beat your body becomes faster.
11. You were burnt from the accident and your skin were pretty much damaged, but with technology, they covered your whole body with new kind of skin that makes you impenetrable and invisible/camoflage if you choose to, can make you move faster

Something About Ridiculous Sacrifice in Exchange of Powers (Was thought from Law of Ueki)
1. Hold your breathe, and you're able to stop time for how long you hold your breathe..
2. Close your eyes, and you're able to hear everything else in 300 meter radius even through air. (idk if that makes sense maybe if i add the word seismic or something literally dare devil..)
3. Don't move and you're able to read other peoples mind (it's okay to breathe)
4. Don't sleep one day, and you're able to turn back time for that day (but you still feel restless coffee pls..)
5. Don't browse the internet for a month and you're able to teleport everywhere you want in 1 day.
6. Do smoking and for the time you're still smoking you're able to control and bend metal.
7. Do drugs that enhances all your reflexes, strength, (basically wonder drugs.. whatever..) but after too much dosage (in one moment) it becomes crucial, and the side effects after the duration of the drugs where off becomes permanent, which is mostly dying slowly.. to dying faster..
8. Laugh to a pun and you're able to control air while you're laughing.
9. Think about horrible thoughts (like dead puppies, dead kitties, whatever you can think..) and while thinking this you're able to make people happy.
10. Put your hands in your pocket and you're able to control liquid with your body movement.. (not mentally control it..)
11. Sleep all day, and you're able to have clone of yourself doing your daily activities but a different personality far from yourself..(Can be like a grumpy version of yourself they just have one emotion through out the day)
12. Don't talk for the rest of the week and you're able to know everything what happened in that week you didn't talk.. (everything you focused to know..)
13. Blink and you'll be able to see everything you want in the moment you blink. (keep blinking and everyone thinks your stupid..)
14. hold/touch your hands with other people and you'll be able to swap bodies, while holding/touch hands.. (one hand* if removed for told hand e.g. hand was cut while still holding/touching.. the effects will be permanent. until they hold with the other hands, but it won't come back when hand separated again.. to come back again to your own body the other hand must be cut while holding.. but here's a difficult task.. nails and finger.. can be counted.. and the power remains to you not your body..)
15. Do a split, and while you're splitting you're able to cut everything you can think of.
16. For an exchange(lose/cut) of your hand pinky, You have an impenetrable pinky toe finger. (damn that chair/desk that always hit my pinky toe finger.)
17. Hold your tounge and you're able to heal yourself from any damage (except if they cut of your hands.. obviously..)
18. Take away one finger nail in exchange you can control one person (maximum 20 person including feet nails that if all 20 is alive..)
19. If you scratch your back you're able to breathe fire, and is immune to burns or fire. (keep scratching.. The faster the hotter you can be immune too like lava.. but i doubt you can scratch fast under the lava..)
20. Lay down the ground(Literal Earth no concretes) and you're able to control earthquakes.

Weapon that has OP abilities (except guns..) GOOD READ PROMISE..
I don't have a title for this.. it's basically weapons that forged from different Dragon's body part and different kinds of dragon and it is scattered around the whole continent/planet (or place and what not..).. (but i don't have any antagonist.. so bummer..)

First.. Enchantments
1. Fusion This fuses the Weapon together.. (E.g. the ice + fire sword thingy... or the poison/rust armor + teeth armor.. the arrow of recall + Phase Dagger.) The enchantment is not permanent.. it lasts only that long until the user chooses to sheathe the weapon.

2. Powers Off (this was renamed "Powers Off" from "Immune Wood" enchantments were later on introduced in the middle of the series by an old enchanter, This enchantment can be permanently put in any Wood, the wood that touches the dragon weapon it turns off the power of the weapon including the Broken Sword. this was later on became the sheathe of the Broken Sword.. it was discovered by the enchanter because he has the question of why most of the dragon weapons has a wooden sheathe.. and cannot be different.. the characters in the story didn't know that it turns of the power, they thought it made the wood material immune... until a sheathed dragon weapon was use to deflect an attack and was broken this is what they thought what happened to the "Broken Sword" so they had to be careful when their weapon is sheathed. )

3. Immune Leather (These enchantment is permanent but works only 3 times upon contact a day , it is usually used with the gloves, later on the story a character found the other half of the "Broken sword "laying on a wood that was enchanted by the Powers Off.. He wonders how to take it with out harming his self.. and thus made the enchantment..)(If used a Dragon Wing Leather the effects can be permanent) This was also used by a thief in the story.

DRAGONIC WEAPONS( Rules..Dragon Weapon v Dragon Weapon is Okay.. But read it's ability carefully..)

1. Metal Armor that has the ability to turn things to rust when get hit, and poisons the enemy if touches (so be careful if wearing it the character who wears this is not a human but a kind of species that is immune to poison lizard like) If other users try to use it they are the one poisoned.

2. A Dagger that can go through any metals (useful for killing heavy armored guy but bad idea for parrying or using as a weapon to defend to this is used by an assassin rouge from my series). Unique Bind Other user that Touches this hands phase Through.

3. Bow that can turn to a boomerang. When other user's throw it it goes to original Owner.

4. Arrow that can be re-called. (it is bind with the user with some kind of spiritual thread that cannot be cut unless the user is dead. it is recalled and it travels back through the spiritual thread it can be as long as it can be.. and it is called back by it's tip it's hard to imagine.. but i hope you get what i mean) When other user uses it goes and is recalled to its original user.

5. A Broken Huge Sword that breaks "everything" it touches except it's handle and hilt *ironic i know but it's the protagonist's weapon* (So the user needs to be really careful with this..) Anyone can use aslong as they know where to touch.(Everything including dragon weapons)

6. A Sword that tempers (heats) every metal that it touches/strikes (the stronger the strikes the hotter it heats.. literally melts.. the whole metal, or if the strike is fast and swiftly it melts through it depends on the user kind of usage this weapon was later on taken by some samurai from an average bandit.... it is shaped like a katana..). Other user try to touch it.. well.. burn..

7. Fencing sword that turns every metal it strikes into an ice.(Thrust and it will break any armor.. with it's ice cold pierce.. Slash and it gives a glass like shattering sound to every hit and the wind that it creates is as cold as the blizzard you might get frostbite, it does not break or bend.). Frost bite for other users

8. A Gauntlet that can bent other metal per hit. Which would be very painful for those who wear armor..(Bruiser eh..). The other user's who try to use it,cannot.. because it bends inside that makes the other user difficult to move..

9. 5 Shuriken that is Binded to the user it teleports back to the user. other users can't recall it..

10. Helmet that can See through people's mind (mind reading helmet). Other users see darkness.. lol

11. Hammer that can cause Earthquake. Pull out a thor here.. Other users can't lift it..

12. Boots that can make you walk on water, fly on air, walk on wall, even on air.. Other users can't walk wearing it.

15. An armor that was made from the dragon's Teeth (it was told that the blacksmith who forged this is long dead he was only able to finish the torso part for he cut himself too much from the material.. the one who wears this armor has an specific built.. that may the wearer not cut himself from the teeth that pierce out) That can Cut through everything *except the same dragon weapon if the user's know how to move it's body well.. unique body figure.. duh..

16. Rapier that causes small hurricane in it's tip for every counterclockwise/clockwise outward thrust (the weapon's ability was not seen until it was held by a boxer in town who is master of corkscrew punches.. he then was able to do different feats with this weapon, able to produce a new skill with it.. in which an inward counterclockwise/clockwise pull would cause a hurricane that pulls everything toward him but is dangerous.. but in the same way disrupts range attacks) Unique kind of Thrust for users.. duh..

17. Dragon Leather (Wings) Armor, Metals can't go through, it is impenetrable and light.. Other users find it too heavy? wtf.

18. A Ring that engraves a miniature eye of dragon that was actually taken from a baby unhatched dragon.. (cruel) and can let the user see through everything.. X-ray Vission..IT doesn't work for other users..

19. The Amulet of Deceit, It can tell if another people lies or not. It doesn't work for other users.
(rule if these weapons fight each other.. it doesn't hurt or break each other.. the only weapon that can break other weapon is the OP Broken Sword.. The story of which how the broken sword and where is the other half of it is untold.. this was suppose to be the main goal of the story..)

20. Bending Sword, A Sword that melts and reform, mentally controlled by the user, it is good for disabling and holding weapons. almost a liquid sword, silver colored.. The Sword doesn't work for other users.

21. Death Scythe. Literally the Blade that causes the other weapon quiver.. this is the weapon that was used against the "Broken Sword" and made it Half.. (The weak spot is the handle.. obviously.. this weapon brought deaths to other metal or normal weapons, that causes the users of the weapon cowl in fear and beg for life.. obviously the previous user of the "broken sword lost.. and thus why it is Broken..") It doesn't work for other user.

22. Lightning Lance Lance that is Fast as the Lighting and electrocutes.. obviously metals conduct.. but for this part.. all metal.. for other user they get electrocuted..

23. Monkey King Staff (HAAA HAA VERY ORIGINAL it grows longer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) and shorter at users will)

24. Axe of Cutting.. Cuts everything in it's way.. Huge Swing and it even Cuts the Wind.. or the Sky..

25. The other half Broken Sword, The end of the Broken sword.. The user who discovered this was a Genius he made the handle a Power off Power On (the lower part of the sword is coated by a Immune Leather) enchantment in which it has a Switch to where the user can then Turn on and Turn off the enchantment also it launches the sword to a ballistic knife like action.. this is truly a feat to those who choose to fight against it. in the cause of breaking the handle after turning it off.. so he carries a lot of spare and enchanting it over and over again (using the Immune Leather to pick it up again.. so basically he can use it 3 if uses both hands.. or 6 times a day if he uses only one hands so he need to use it wisely.. or if he has alot of expensive pair of immune leather.) it works fine if the other user.. knows it's high maintenance.. lol

26. Hammer of Blacksmith.. With one Pound it Alters, repairs the Weapon to another (except the bone tooth armor since it was made by a human..) this introduces the story of how and who created these godly weapons.. it was actually not the fairy, elves, reptiles, orc, goblins, human or any race found in earth. i'll keep it a secret. but it was who defeated the dragons. this was then.. used to repair the broken sword ending the series.. or is it? Someone Killed the User and used the Hammer to re-create bunch of Other Weapons... Altering Weapons..) The owner of the hammer can touch and hold but not use the other weapons.. (for obvious purpose)

27. Repaired Broken Sword (wtf..) It is completed.. After this, they Learned From the Other Half User.. to Put a Inner Layer of Immune Leather in the Power off Wood Sheathe.. in that way, they can safely Sheathe their weapon only 3 times a day.. with out risking the weapon being destroyed..

(Altered For the Season 2)
1. Shield of Rust/Poison.. Altered from Rust Poison Armor to Shield

2. Ice Claw Glove (Like freddy Kruger had..) Altered One Glove that Caused the Weapon to from Fencing to a Claw Glove..

3. Bolt of Recall, Which is then used.. for a Crossbow (which made the fire rate faster.. BUT made the power Lesser.. Bad idea..) Altered from Arrow of Recall

4. 4 Tsuka of Binding (From 5 Shuriken of Binding Altered.)

5. Graviton Mace (From Earthquake Hammer Altered.)

6. Thor's Hammer Fused Permanently by the hammer.. (Lightning Lance + Wind Rapier) Works like Thor Hammer but not Durable as the Original..

7. Kladenet (Altered the Katana Melting Sword.. to a Long Sword.. and is Blazing..)

Normally Created from not Dragon Material.. but Other Enchanted Ingot.. that used the BlackSmith Hammer and was forged not by the same user/race but different beings (After the Black Smith Hammer was Broken to different Hammers it spread all over different Places the BlackSmith Hammer was Destroyed by the Broken Sword for the Third Season Re Opening.. New World)
1. Excalibur River Lady used the Hammer (this is my story deal with it..) every swing it cuts the sky..
2. Pinaka Bow, It's Arrow that it Fires could not be intercpeted.
3. Teen Baan, The Arrow of Recall it teleports back to it's Quiver.. and it's 3 of them..
4. Vavasavi Shakti Magical Darth.
5. Zulfiqar A Sword.
7. First Gun. CHINA :D
8. Dainslef a Sword that gives wounds that can't be healed.. insta dead from bleeding..
9. Durendal Undestructible Sword.. (Wait til it hits the Broken Repaired Sword.. Durendal doesn't still stand a chance.. because it's human Made..)
--- and more weapons.. Later on these weapons cause a great war. Humans.. Who were Far Great and Powerful only because of these weapons.. The Elves and other races joined forces to cast the humans away.. and successful the remaining humans were able to survive through sending 2 Clones.. and one Guardian.. to Earth.. Carrying 1 Blacksmith Hammer..

Season 4 Enters..
Magic was only for the Guardian.. But the Guardian grew tired of keeping on guard to this 2 Clones of Humans that were genetically enhance to being immortal but not able to reproduce (Not die in age or disease) so he created a tree that would make the fruit yada yada.. human death reproduce.. thus.. another chaos.. No Origins for who actually created the Dragons Yet.. But the Guardian who was with them knows.. later on the Guardian was able to find other lower beings in a distant planet.. Called Angels.. but their planet was destroyed.. so these Angels was accepted by the Human's Guardian and Agreed to Work for them, Lucifer who is one of the Angels.. Didn't Agree to Work.. so he was banished to another realm by the Guardian.. This is becoming to were my Tyrant Series kick in.. with Different Stories.. WEW..
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Re: Ideas/ Concepts/ Stories

Postby ZucchiniJuice » Mon Apr 17, 2017 10:29 pm

check out brah. I think you'll find it very interesting.

Honestly, I suck at any percise-detail cnc. I can do big picture ones cnc pretty good tho.
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