New laptop :D

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Re: New laptop :D

Postby lordkazari » Sun Nov 29, 2015 10:24 pm

im sort of known as the computer guy around my middle school

here's some solid advice i tell everyone trying to build a new gaming pc:
1. do not build it yourself, you will mess it up and all the money you put in will be wasted

2. you will look like a fag if you get a desktop, always always buy a laptop for mobility, pull your new gaming machine out in class and you'll be turning heads for sure XDDDDD

3. always buy big name brands for maximum security: alienware, dell, hp etc

4. go big or go home, if youre not willing to put in at least 1500 dont bother, youre better off just buying a fucking smart phone and playing clash of clans

if you follow all these rules you will have a nice experience (cheesygrin (cheesygrin (cheesygrin (cheesygrin (scool

for a first timer i recommend the Alienware 18 HD Gaming Laptop: ... ienware-18
Take performance to the max with this fully customized and fully expanded Alienware 18 gaming powerhouse giving you enough power to decimate the competition.

hope this helped (cheesygrin (mm (mm (mm (mm (scool (scool (scool (scool (scool (scool (scool (scool (wink (mm (mm (mm (mm (really (grin (mm (mm (mm (scool (scool (scool (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (cheesygrin (mm (mm (scool (heart
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Re: New laptop :D

Postby Llama » Mon Nov 30, 2015 12:23 am

lordkazari wrote:SNIP

holy fucking kek lol he's back better than ever
but why though
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