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My Thread

Postby Cryostraw » Sun Mar 25, 2018 1:17 pm

Hi! I'm Cryostraw! You can call me "Cryo" or "CS" if you want. I'm just a normal guy who spends time on animations and stuff.
I was inspired to join this site by watching animations by Jojishi (PivotPro333), Cressel (Linksinipivotic), Fuel (StickComex), and Lg59 (DON).
I started by using Lg59's Dragon Ball Pivot series as reference, then I moved on to making my own short fights without reference.
Now I'm just trying to improve. I made Ultra Instinct Goku vs Brolnemba mostly to see how it turned out in the eyes of others.
After that, I tried Fullbody animations.
Now I'm working on short combos.
Thats all to say about myself for now.
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