I am Shimamun

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I am Shimamun

Postby Shimamun » Thu May 16, 2019 12:38 pm


I am Shimamun

The nickname Shimamun came from Shimamura Uzuki of [email protected] Cinderella Girls
I've actually use Pivot before and I have a dead channel that has a discontinued animation Kazuki vs Detsuka.

If you know that, then some of you probably know me and probably not. In fact, I've brought my files from my very 1st pc which is in 2009 until today, there are gems in there that I still keep because it contains a lot of precious memories and my progress of improvement.

I've again took interest in animating once again especially seeing new stuff like full bodies, and new various techniques that have been possible thanks to the new stuff in Pivot, because of that, 3D in a 2D animation program got easier, and I'd like to learn that even though it's gonna be a long time because of college and of course, internship.

It is nice to meet you new people and the old peeps. I like to welcome myself again.

P.S I've died many times not animating and not updating my channel, especially there's a lot of unfinished animations that I have to deal with and I felt really guilty because some are expecting it lol.

Again, hello.
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