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Postby lizard king » Mon Aug 31, 2015 3:58 pm

i started writing poetry after a spiritual awakening to cope with reality and express my views of the world and they way i feel about it

don't do acid!
it's all a satanic cult!
escape do not collect go
gum glued to the bottom of a bus stop bench
screams fry my brains on acid
trading hits for scrambled eggs
scraping the edges
lost vocabulary on casualties in paper tabs
spines rattled from sleeping in the squat
on another mission quest to spange up another fucking beer
and inhale cancer for fun.
do too much lsd and you'll be in another dimension looking for the key out.
they key to the universe is life
God is life, life is love
everything is nothing,
we are all the same.
spread love, conquer evil
destroy the evil that is consuming the world
whisp it out of the air, how?
by loving everyone.
satan exists where we do not shine our love.
be fearless for we are chosen.
we are the revolution.
the people will naturally follow if you do it right :)
the distraction is cash.
the feel good high.
the next bowl out of your cock pipe.
everything is sex.
everyone is selling the same old new best thing.
producer, consumer.
cultural engineering.
they want to enslave you.
submit. obey.
listen to how cool i am.
im better than you, so do what i say or you get hurt.
welcome to the concrete jungle, population too many million pissed off by the way things are running.
who's even running this world?
the distraction.
she's the one that got away.
she's the one you got so close you could almost taste it.
she's the hot pussy you can watch for free online.
she's the documentary you never finished and forgot the title of.
she is your fucking twitter page.
pretentious ego
she is money.
sex, sex, sex
consume, consume, consume,
born too slow to keep up with it.
thrown into the cogs, taught how to be controlled.
keep sucking the teet. still fixated, never weaned.
fuel that ego a little bit longer
make sure your image is nice and polished.

"convenience" is pagan for "i prefer condemnation,
if dying is much easier, then life isn't worth saving."
when sex is more accessible than love it is quit tempting
to fall into the fake freedom that leads you to enslavement.
because true love would be anarchy and giving life away,
and anarchy's impossible in a culture so depraved. it's
some illusion game of selfish love and living life for payment.
if i could gain the world, i'd still be sleeping on the pavement.

current events change the sea like the tides
ride waves of injustice and patience and crime.
hatred, misplaced it at all the wrong times.
new laws in the book drawing sand in the lines.
everyone, everything comes at a price.
for love is our nature. it hurts to defy.
confusion and jargon and cameras combined,
lost track of the wavelength of love and divine.
identity squeals "i am free to define
what's right and what's wrong." lost souls eat the lie.
a crash and a bang and i lost my own life
to bitter machines or the fabric of time.
outliers are dots that may break up the line
but the end is the same, it's our own paradigm.
what is it that makes us human inside?
the laws of the world, or our fragment of life?

i had a dream about playing with turtles
and watching the sunset with you
on the shore of some island in california.
the pollution dissolved and the world was new
and i woke up hopeful, happy and swollen
my fears are forgotten as i go home
when the world is on fire but i'm still rolling
for love is a castle that's made of stone
cause radiation may poison my body
and hunger and sickness may rattle my bones
my body is breaking but my soul is still fighting
and faith in belief has kept me afloat

she'll spend hours explaining the sick of her soul.
oh, the chasm is drastic. she'll groan til she's whole.
she scrapes at the edge to find meaning in bones
and she eats the facade of the timeless mirage.
she's digging away at the lock in her chest
in hopes to find treasure, she's desperate at best.
complex in her standards, conveniently blessed
with talents and passions to savor this mess.
oh where did her lover go? waiting outside
while she digs in the hole she's lost track of the light
forcing her hand, she's locked out of her life
stuck inside her heart, hardened, heavy, contrite
she screams and she cries!
"give me shelter from time!
what pleasure could save me from tending my mines?
i'm breathing but still i'm not really alive!
it hurts just to live without eating the lie.
God save me, God save me! this world isn't nice!
the money is spent and i don't have the rights!
this bitter concoction of hatred and spit
has muddied the waters, the home for my kids.
i'd rather have anything better than this
but the best that i've got is a speck in the lense."
love lights a way and shows means to an end.
for the road is quite long through this cave that she's in.
stubborn like truth. her pridefulness hates it.
but once out of options the pain is a sign,
for love is the single thing outside of time
and selfishness breaks our inner paradigm.
to ask to have both, to be dark in the light.
impossible! separate from sources inside
you can't be at peace during war in your mind.

you can rule the world,
just tell them what they please.
conceal intentions, undermine insecurities.
a flawed masquerade. indigenous needs.
the longing, the longing. the willing, the sheep
oh industrious pain. imperious plotting.
control their desires and seek.
cater the hungry, conceal the disease.
claim your perfection, a shield for the weak.
get rid of the love, teach them what to think
fill empties with hollow candies and treats
and most important of all for your evil regime
don't let them know God, or they'll wake up and scream!

with a hole in her chest
she hit the road
on a mission to find something beautiful.
mechanized highways churn like teeth
and spit out a flavorless wad.
carved an image of interest.
a swing and a laugh
a hit and collapse..
bottles of whiskey
bags of trash
left behind in shopping carts in walmart parking lots.
destruction in the passenger seat eggs her on,
her best friend.
now an alcoholic,
riding the wave til the crash.
she screams of her lust
lies and spiritual attacks..
was it a soul that she lacks?
nothing fits this gap
without change......
she denies her love and prays for the past.
one day.

LSD is a video game
made by the devil himself
plummet through the catacombs of hell
chasing a dragon
with slippery scales
digging for answers in the dark
further down the hole
can you find the light?
sword in hand, no escape
once the paper's on your tongue......
one day the hardcore psychonauts will be
climbing mountains for the last few tabs left
buried in the ground or in a chest
when all the chemists are gone
it'll just be some kind of legend
of a bunch of dudes with grainy vision
fighting wars inside their heads

the apocalypse happened on hitler's birthday
while everyone was setting the world on fire.
getting high on fumes to forget the earth
and smile about it for a while.
no one noticed.

the boogeyman exists!
the children tremor in it's presence,
not yet blinded to the light.
underneath the façade of a happy yuppie family
darkness lurks...
and snatches the angry,
shuts their mind to the light,
haunting their soul, blackened.
coating their eyes so they cannot see.
he's feeding lies into their ears,
like tubes of poison,
the music they devour,
hidden messages you love to hear
until they don't even realize that they are angry.
they get mad at the light.
it hurts their eyes
the darkness is so comforting
robbing, stealing of life.
a flattened capri sun
does not want to be ressusitated,
it spits back at the One
who fills it with air.
full of angst, a dark demon.

Concrete separates grass
Like cuts in the skin need grafts.
Pathogen cars pushing cancer with oil
Pass by pictures brought to you by bullshit
Fried up on a platter and served in bags.
Take a break from viewing the world at 70
To sit down some more and wash down hot dogs with Mountain Dew.
Eating miles for the thrill
To see radioactive fish and tall trees of the northern pacific
Hills and clouds and rocks and rain
Interstate by interstate
Til you hit the Atlantic.
Long Island grit.
Green archways, trees make me happy.
Cities polluted with soda cans and hatred
Every city is the same
Yet small town kids think theirs is lame.
But add a strip mall and some bars and you'll be just as discontent
Plus way more superficial.

open spoken wisdom says let there be light
for the meek shall inherit the earth
pondering how this could be the man digs in too deep.
he says how can this be, my own disbelief
if i believe in disbelief then how can i still see
for darkness blinds and binds the brain in covered memories
of fallen trees and poisoned springs. he dreams of sleep.
for the wicked will not rest when he's terribly obese
off of lives stolen from simple men who he crookedly misleads.
oh, for what cause does the broken heart misdeed?
for selfish games and conquered fame and spreading it's own seed
we fight for love and sing and run through joyous fields of leaves
for one day broken hearts will mend and join us when they see
for heartbreak is a mere illusion, a selfish one at that.
why focus on the things you lack when there's love you've always had?

how beautiful heaven must be to inhabit,
where pain fades away to purest satisfaction.
what humans will fail to achieve off a tangent,
in haze just as dense as matter it's displaced in.
we'll never achieve our deep need just to grasp it
with physical bodies, our tantalized passion.
misplacing our lust in material habits
with souls real and raw in a world that's just passive,
with holes in our chest we will search for the answer.
what's right and what's left? what's life and what's after?
if pleasure is taste of what's yet to surpass us
and pain is an object, a lesson to master,
then what is our life but a test for the power
we'll wield when we die, if we'll slip or we'll handle?
first we must prove willing to be dismantled
and put back together, perfected, God's mantle.
so help me oh God to accomplish this battle
between love and despair, i'll find you and i'll settle
and i'll be brave and take care to share what i have
cause when i'm off to heaven i wont ever look back

i had a dream that the world caved in.
people were waiting in line at starbucks
and pumping gas at shell
the oil rigs got the very last drop
a hollow society collapsed into hell

I love Jesus!
he taught me how to love,
i was a prideful child exiled by denial
awaiting trial for miles of self-indulgent lies,
i left ashes and bones stacked up in a pile
in cities of ghosts and vampires. spies.
bloodsucking egos, but now it's all mild.
what once was an ice cube has turned to a fire.
i melted my heart and put out desire.
for those who need love desperately conspire. searching, seeking out
but giving is what love's about
misguided opinions have led you to doubts
and believing the lies the lustful will spout
"bow down to my ego" you beg and you pout and mask with a laugh
you burst and collapse.
the world is polluted and we are the trash.
intangible love will fill up your gaps.
forget all the torment that tortured your past.
life without God is a car without gas
like a man without soul is a hole without mass
give up and try, stand up and relax. pass by the shtick.
suck love from your friends and you won't get your fix.
but receive it from God and you can't help but give.
the day i died i was taught how to live.
like a terminal man realizing he's sick
when he shed me his light suddenly everything clicked.
in a jaded world i am suddenly fixed
above the spiritual warfare caught in the matrix.
and society has it upside-down, flipped.
returning to babylon to spread my message.
"God is good! society's sick!
satan reaches to the younger kids!
entranced by the darkness, you all praise the rich!
radio songs about fame, lust, and sin!"
but alas, they laugh, and curse their own skin
minds shut off by their own image
pride is poison to the mind, the deadliest trick
ego's afraid i might be right
refusing to give up their old life
denying the fact they were never alive.

sell your soul for a console
and a shiny new controller.
plug your brain into the game,
apathetic treasures.
or trade your life for a surprise
at the end of a long lecture
comes recess for the soul
fulfillment of your greatest pleasure

oil rigs.
oil rigs.
oil rigs.
tying off for greed
get your fix.
drive a car and light your bic
pay me for your empty hunger
i'm your gasoline dealer.
like a drug lord but it's legal.
fighting wars for lazy people.
convenience controls the mind.
blood spilled over fear of
what they'll do if they could see us
and what we're doing
taking humans for their hope
and feeding off of their ways to cope
buy some vodka, buy some smokes
buy some coffee and some dope
buy a TV and a phone
built to break in a year or so
buy a car and go to work
work to pay for what you don't
work to make or get, or go
live outside with ridicule
from all the boxed in office drones..
connecting on the internet
it's probably less dangerous
life is scary, here's our fix
enslave yourselves to six six six
sick slick sinners, spilling shells..
sex sells. select desire. this is hell.
divide yourselves in our empire.
distract yourself, the world's on fire.

there's more here: http://www.postpoems.org/authors/lizardking/portfolio/

i filtered through 88 poems to post these ones.
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Re: poetry

Postby TheRavenHouse » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:22 pm

Try harder. You have imagery and message and drive, now learn your craft. Good start, but very bad stuff. Also, do acid.
A Lot Of Acid
A Lot Of Acid
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Re: poetry

Postby lizard king » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:26 pm

which ones did you read? the very first on the page is the first poem i ever made haha.

acid turned on me. i used to love it, but once i realized it's an evil spirit it ripped me to shreds. i'm staying away from it from now on.
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Re: poetry

Postby Raymond » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:38 pm

I like how in a lot of your poems you point towards there being a gaming world. Like how when you start gaming you get sucked into it so much that you forget what reality really is.

This one is my favorite.
LSD is a video game
made by the devil himself
plummet through the catacombs of hell
chasing a dragon
with slippery scales
digging for answers in the dark
further down the hole
can you find the light?
sword in hand, no escape
once the paper's on your tongue......
one day the hardcore psychonauts will be
climbing mountains for the last few tabs left
buried in the ground or in a chest
when all the chemists are gone
it'll just be some kind of legend
of a bunch of dudes with grainy vision
fighting wars inside their heads
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Re: poetry

Postby lizard king » Mon Aug 31, 2015 4:45 pm

thank you.. i spent a year as a vagabond, viewing life as a video game. the subculture is very real. some towns in california are like the twilight zone. the delusion is thick and deadly. indulgence is self destruction, and the world is only a playground to the hopeless. i found faith, and a reason to quit killing myself.
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Re: poetry

Postby lordkazari » Thu Oct 15, 2015 10:44 pm

too much satan here tbh
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Re: poetry

Postby salami » Tue Mar 01, 2016 11:47 pm

Really good (thumbsup
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Re: poetry

Postby Raymond » Wed Mar 02, 2016 4:10 pm

Salami, please do not post in threads that haven't been posted in for over two weeks. You can find the date of the last comment at the top of their post. Just be aware of how old that comment is before making a post on that thread. You probably don't know this, which is why I'm telling you now, but it's one of our rules.

I'm locking this though. I doubt lizard king will notice since he hasn't logged on since 11/9/2015, but if you want this unlocked PM one of our staff members.
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